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NOTE: Sefronia was wriitten as a single song with two discreet movements;
After Asklepiades, After Kafka and The Kings Chain.

The album sleeve tracklist and the label on the original 1973 release on Discreet Records shows two separate Sefronia titles - tracks four and five - of six on on Side Two, but in actuality the vinyl release has only five tracks on that side. Later reissues compounded the problem by treating Sefronia as two titles.

Comebuckley recorded the song as it was originally written, although clips from both movements are represented here.

The first line of After Asklepiades, After Kafka takes over thirty seconds to sing...



Performed by Comebuckley

NOTE: Lyrics may differ from those shown below.

After Asklepiades, After Kafka

Sefronia shook the black cat bone at me
And I was only wax in the spell of fire
Oh my coal black sister

When black coal burns
It ripens into a rose

She pried the whip out of her master's hand
And lashed at her own skin
So she'd be master

How could she know
This was just a dream
Born of a new knot in the bullwhip

The Kings Chain

I couldn't buy you with a hundred cattle
But you hike in shells and feathers
Up the African beach

I am king here
Tied to this hut by the King's chain
My power's like a tree
And green taboo to me

The chameleon lies in your dusty fingers,
And the blue flies circle your head like stars

Jump into me now
I must not see the water
Let me sip weakness
From your dark nipples

Tim Buckley/Larry Beckett
Tim Buckley Music ASCAP
19th Opus Music o/b/o Third Story Music, Inc. BMI

Released 2007 Rec Rec Music reCDec 83 - "Salmon in a ring-shaped river"

Running time 6:41

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