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The Tribute Albums and DVDs

1987 - Comebuckley, Boy Records (Switzerland)

(Ten song, vinyl-only release)"Comebuckley, as a seven-piece group, does bring something extra to Buckley's songs, namely an instrumental richness and complexity which was missing from the originals...they do offer additional and quite stimulating interpretations of his music."
Bill Tilland/Option

1999 - Bleecker Street: Greenwich Village in the 1960's, Astor Place Records (UK)

Morning Glory - Chrissy Hynde
Bleecker Street was the breeding ground for such artists as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and Tim Buckley. On this single disc a suitable line up of relatively contemporary artists line up to pay homage.

2000 - Sing a song for you: A tribute to Tim Buckley, Manifesto Records
Two-disc, eighteen-song tribute album. "It's a testament to the talent of Tim Buckley that his songs work so well across the diverse styles of these modern performers. Fans of Buckley or any of the artists performing herein should be most pleased with this tribute.
Tim DiGravina, All Music Guide
2005 - Dream Brother: The Songs of Tim & Jeff Buckley, Full Time Hobby Records (UK)
Taking its cue from David Browne's book of the same name, the thirteen-song Dream Brother explores the music of Tim Buckley and his son, Jeff Buckley, via interpretations by other artists.
2007 - Salmon in a ring-shaped river: Comebuckley: RecRec Records (Switzerland)
Nineteen-songs on two CDs: an expanded Comebuckley plus a second disc in 'unplugged' mode. "Comebuckley is a seance, an exorcism and a wake. An excellent album made by genuine enthusiasts, at once skilled and sensitive. Buy!"
Rough Trade Magazine
2009 - The Village - A Celebration of the Music of Greenwich Village 429 Records
A look back and tribute to early-60ís folk icons in New York City, including Dylan, Loviní Spoonful, Fred Neil and Tim Buckley.
"429 Records' new collection spotlights the historical significance of the neighborhood's folk music scene with passionate contributions by thirteen artists..."

Mike Ragogna - The Huffington Post

2007 - My Fleeting House, Manifesto Records

This is the first-ever authorized collection of rare videos from Tim Buckley's live performances, including thirteen full-length songs. The footage spans his entire career, from 1967 to 1974.




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