I was just a curly-haired mountain boy
On my way passing throu
I heard a voice
Whisper good evening
I turned to a shadow
And saw her there

So all alone

She had those sad china eyes
That sang each time she smiled
Ah, but the song
It seemed to linger
So long it deepened
My love for her
Until she called me near

And then we waltzed
To our heart beat
All around
The sea was swaying
The breeze was praying
Never to leave her alone

Oh, the time just slipped on by
And with the time
So did our love
Ah, her every move
Like a fever
Just like a fever
Burnin' inside
Would not leave me be

Tim Buckley
Tim Buckley Music ASCAP

Released 1969 Straight/Warner Records - “Blue Afternoon”

Running time 5:28


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