After Asklepiades After Kafka

Sefronia shook the black cat bone at me
And I was only wax in the spell of fire
Oh my coal black nigger

When black coal burns
It ripens into a rose

She pried the whip out of her master's hand
And lashed at her own skin
So she'd be master

How could she know
This was just a dream
Born of a new knot in the bullwhip

The Kings Chain

I couldn't buy you with a hundred cattle
But you hike in shells and feathers
Up the African beach

I am king here
Tied to this hut by the King's chain
My power's like a tree
And green taboo to me

The chameleon lies in your dusty fingers,
And the blue flies circle your head like stars

Jump into me now
I must not see the water
Let me sip weakness
From your dark nipples

Tim Buckley/Larry Beckett Tim Buckley Music ASCAP/ 19th Opus Music o/b/o Third Story Music, Inc. BMI

Released 1973 Discreet/Warner Brothers - "Sefronia"

Running time 5:39


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