She is

She is the day that gives me time
To live and linger love my life.
Till nite comes on with sundown scythe
To end the puzzle pantomime.

She is a day of love.
She is the bridge on which I wait
To watch the river 'neath me flow.
All spinning, surging far below
Along the deep and bending straits
She is a bridge of love.

She is the air I breathe entranced
Awake, asleep in storm or calm.
A wind to wash my lifted palm,
A sky that calls me out to dance.

She is the air of love.
She is the day thru which I walk
toward the bridge where she stands.

She is the air I breathe to sing,
She is a smile without demands.
She is the smile that keeps me warm
with matchless laughter, eyes ablaze.
A mischief mystery she plays upon
The flute of early morn.

She is a smile of love.
She is the air of love
She is the day of love

Tim Buckley/Larry Beckett
Tim Buckley Music ASCAP
19th Opus Music o/b/o Third Story Music, Inc. BMI

Released 1966 Elektra Records - “Tim Buckley”

Running time 3:08


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